Boat-Guard Boat Safety and Signaling System

 Boat Guard Boat Security and Signaling System

Boat Guard is a marine security system that has proven to be very effective over many years. Let's take a look at the benefits of the system.

In recent years maritime activity has become very popular. Boat ownership all over the world and especially in Turkey has increased. Many people spend a lot of their time and money on this leisure activity. In the past owning a boat was a very luxurious expense. Today, for the price of a new car it is possible to get a good reliable second hand boat, albeit small.

Common Problems in Boats

The most demanding issues for boat owners at the beginning is the cost of maintenance, repairs and marina fees. Generally, boats are left in the marina till the summer season. While moored they are connected to the marina quay or brought up on land during the winter. During this time the boat can be damaged in various ways, and repairs can be expensive. For example; one of the most common problems is that due to mains electricity power failure the boat's batteries are ruined and cannot be repaired.

Discharging of Marine Batteries

Boat batteries last for a long time:

However, in winter, mostly due to mains power failures in the marina the batteries, for reasons that cannot be foreseen, are disconnected and discharged over a short period such as 1 to 2 months. Thus, they become non-reactive or lose much of their capacity and they cannot be relied upon.

This situation is similar to a car left in a parking lot for months without running the engine. However, in a boat there are at least 3 or 5 batteries while a car only has one. Also Marine batteries are at least twice as large as car batteries. In addition as they are a special type they are much more expensive than car batteries. Since the bilge pump will not operate when the batteries are empty, the slightest leakage (the propeller shafts of the boats, especially water leaks for cooling them) can cause the boat to fill with water.

Reasons Water enters the Boat

This happens for several reasons:

Broken seacocks lets sea water enter the boat during rough weather, there is also wear and tear; cracking or leakage of plastic or metal pipes is natural and must always be expected. However, failure to take appropriate action may lead to the boat sinking. The deterioration of sensors below sea level or failure of valves are some of the other reasons why water can enter the boat.

As can be seen, losses from a small power failure may be very expensive. These are problems that have to be faced and dealt with every year. Even after a flooded boat is repaired, traces of water cannot be entirely eliminated. In addition, these traces of water on the floors, engines and electrical components reduce the value of the boat.

Advantages of Boat Guard System

• Boat Guard notifies the owner when power is turned on or off:

Most of the time when the boat is attached to the quay it is connected to mains electricity. However, during wet and stormy conditions the electricity panel of the marina can throw a switch cutting off the electricity. Also, it is possible that a power failure may occur if the cable is stretched while the boat is rolling violently due to high waves. Boat Guard automatically uses its own batteries during power outages and it is able to run the system for about 12 hours. When the power comes back on again, it recharges.

• Boat Guard; High bilge water sensor included:

This sensor operates separately from the boats own bilge water sensor and alerts the Boat Guard system when the water reaches a critical level. The system calls predefined phones or sends messages to the owner. This sensor works 24/7 regardless of whether the system is on or off.

• Boat Guard; measures the temperature inside the boat:

The system notifies the boat owner when the minimum and maximum levels exceed minus 5 to plus 50 degrees C, depending on the location in cases outside the normal temperature. This warning system is a precautionary measure to prevent the risk of fire in the boat or freezing of the boats' engine or tanks due to extremely low temperatures.

• Boat Guard; provides security on the boat against theft:

The Wireless door sensor is placed near the entrance door with a magnetic sensor; the wireless motion sensor Also is situated in the main cabin of the boat and provides safety  . As it is well known, the entrance locks of boats are much weaker than the locks in houses so it is much easier to break into boats. For this reason, valuable devices in boats can be stolen. In addition, a new theft method has been the nightmare of the boat owners. Owners walked to the beach after anchoring the boat, when they returned they found that the boat had been broken into and they had been robbed of their valuables. When the Boat Guard is operated, it informs the boat owners if any-one enters the boat either through the door or through the window.


• Boat Guard; allows the owner of the boat to talk to people on board:

The system has a sensitive built in microphone that lets you hear what is going on in the cabin. The boat owner can also talk to people on board. In addition

There is no way for people to rent the boat to foreigners under the pretext of checking the engines by accessing the boat keys in any way. With Boat Guard you can listen to those on board at all times and talk to them when you need to.

• Boat Guard; calls phones, sends messages:

The Boat Guard system is able to call to programmed or registered phone numbers. In addition, if the system is turned off by remote control, it will notify the system by sending a message to defined phone numbers. The messages sent by the Boat Guard indicate which sensor caused the alarm. For example messages such as“CABIN DOOR IS OPENED” “BOAT CABIN ALARM” “HIGH WATER LEVEL IN BILGE”etc.can be programmed at the request of the customer or boat owner.

• Boat Guard; SOS button included:

The Boat Guard system has a specially designed SOS button. In any case, the system connects to predefined phone numbers when pressed. This feature improves the safety of people on board and provides assistance when mobile phones cannot be used.

• Boat Guard; Remote control

The Boat Guard system can also be controlled remotely. The system can be switched on and off. In fact, it is very easy to operate the system remotely. The system can be switched on and off by sending a message. There is no distance limitation and it can be done from anywhere in the world.